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If you are a land or property owner that you would like to develop into an apartment tower or residential complex, get in touch with us! At Tulsa we are open to joint ventures at mutually beneficial terms. Land owners get the advantage of Tulsa’s expertise, reputation and marketing muscle. Our philosophy of building what we are proud of ensures that we create true value for our partners.

Partnership arrangements are flexible to your needs. If you require alternative accommodation or cash in hard to tide over the building time we are happy to oblige. We will welcome your suggestions on how the project can be improved. It is a partnership after all!





The design and features must make sense and ensure utility to the target audience.


the property must stand the test of time, both in functionality and in value appreciation.


We ensure customers get best value for their money.

An experienced team of professionals and modern technology have come together at Tulsa to enable seamless construction and customer services. The result is enduring trust

  • Develop a design brief to ensure projects satisfy target buyers.
  • Select top city architects to bring customers maximum value.
  • Onboard quality consultants for design, landscaping, construction, amenities, etc
  • Dedicate a team of experienced site engineers for project supervision
  • Use latest communications technology for real-time interactions and problem solving

Tulsa employs experienced in-house teams of engineers and supervisors to deal with all on-site issues as well as executives and support staff for functions related to sales, administration, accounts, service, and legal matters at our city offices.

Executives are backed by the latest Enterprise Resource Planning software such as MS Projects, Planner, and FalconBricks, which enable precise planning and real-time response in almost all situations,

The team is also assisted by external professionals such as architects, lawyers, designers, and facility planners who add value in various specialized domains. An array of time-tested suppliers adds to our extended team.

Most professionals – external and internal – have been associated with us for years, and share the values that make Tulsa stand out in the industry.

Turning customers into friends

From the moment he or she gets in touch, we make customers feel welcome and among friends. We don’t ‘market’ property, we forge relationships

The Customer Service team is integral to the Company’s success. The Tulsa culture is to make every walk-in feel important and comfortable with smiles and coffee. Customer service executives are trained to get to know the prospect, understand their needs and answer enquiries with patience, honesty and courtesy. Only then do they gently highlight the USPs of the project and encourage a site visit.

Once a customer books our property it becomes a lifelong bond of friendship. An Executive is dedicated to stay in touch and answer queries at every stage. During construction, the Company sends monthly updates on construction status so customers do not feel in the dark.

Any commitment or complaint is shared with the whole team so that it can be quickly resolved on a priority basis. Even after the keys are handed over the relationship continues through festive gatherings.

  • Answer all enquiries with patience and courtesy with. Encourage site visits.
  • Make every walk-in feel important and comfortable with smiles and coffee.
  • Do everything to meet expectations and build relationships. Profit is secondary.
  • Get to know the prospect. Understand their background, profile and need.
  • Without belittling any other project, gently highlight our USPs.
  • Answer every question honestly. Do not mislead or hide facts.
To partner with us contact:

Amit Sharma


Mobile Number:8250832988