Our Projects


we think

a team creates

true value

by sharing

common values

Tulsa may be recognized by its structures but our reputation is built by our people. Our organisation is tied by a common culture of doing everything to meet expectations.

We value courtesy, understanding, warmth, teamwork and honesty in our employees. Most of our team has been with us for many years, and new members quickly learn that relationships come before profits.

The gentle human touch is backed by stringent training, operating procedures and intelligent systems to minimize human error. If we make a mistake you might forgive us but we will never forgive ourselves.

shared values

Tulsa’s success as an organisation derives from our shared values and systems that ensure quality. A corporate culture of excellence drives the team forward, with the aim to provide the customers a blessed life.

All employees are trained to subscribe to the Tulsa culture of working together in harmony with shared values, attitudes, and behavioral norms.