Our Projects
total honesty & transparency

Whether you are a property buyer or investment partner, we are committed to beat expectations with properties that make you proud.

clean & clear ownership

The process of creating value begins with a fair legal contract where roles, responsibilities and remunerations are spelt out. Our empanelled legal experts ensure that every property we built has a clear and marketable title.

professional planning & execution

Top city architects are then employed to ensure maximum lifestyle value. We also onboard quality consultants for design, landscaping, construction, amenities, etc. for professionally coordinated planning.

quality workmanship

The focus on quality is evident during construction where the company has its own dedicated team of experienced site engineers for project supervision.

timely delivery

Delays are prevented by employing the latest IT & communications tools for error tracking, real-time interactions and problem solving.

As a technology savvy Company, Tulsa deploys specialized ERPs* for reporting and time management.

defect-free handovers

Tulsa works with MACJ-ABCHI: Home Inspections Company to ensure every construction is periodically checked, errors reported, with all corrective steps taken before delivery.

buyback guarantee within 5 years *

If you want to cancel your booking at any time, or even move out within five years of handover, we offer 100% money back. There are no cancellation fees or depreciation charges. That’s our confidence in the long-term value of every property.

*T&C apply